Question 39 – Please vote MANZO’s!!!

Please select ‘Manzo Sausage Kitchen and Market’ as “Favorite Specialty Food Shop” on Question 39 of the poll.  With the help of our loyal customers, we DID place in the “Favorite Specialty Food Shop” category for the 2012 Sauce Magazine Reader’s Choice Poll. For a small business such as ours, it is a HUGE honor and gets us lots of word of mouth advertising and validates all the hard work my staff and I do throughout the year.
This year, I’m making it a targeted effort and am asking for your help. Please click on the link below and go to the bottom of the page to take the poll. Even if you answer just one question and vote for us (Question 39 Favorite Specialty Food Shop), make sure you go to the end of the poll and enter your info to make the voting valid. As if its not enough to just help us out, your ballot also serves as a contest entry and you could win prizes from Sauce Magazine (see Full details on Sauce website) Deadline April 14, 2012 If you are loving us and want to send us some good energy, vote for us in the following questions, it doesn’t cost you anything and could potentially help us: #39 – Favorite Specialty Food Shop and if you are feeling generous… #47 – Favorite deli/sandwiches If you are only gonna vote for us once, vote MANZO SAUSAGE KITCHEN & MARKET on Question 39 – Favorite Specialty Food Shop.
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